About us

The Coronado Friends of the Library is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose primary mission is to support the Coronado Public Library programs. The Friends is managed by a Board of Trustees and has many hard working volunteers. 

The Friends have, for many years, organized an annual Book Sale held in April in conjunction with the Coronado Floral Association’s Flower Show in Spreckels Park. The Book Sale is held on Saturday and Sunday, with a Preview Sale Friday afternoon for members, where memberships can be taken on the spot. Tens of thousands of used books of all sorts are sold at the Book Sale.

The Friends also operate the Second Hand Prose used book store located at the rear of the Library. Many used and recent books in good condition are sold there at moderate prices. An “honor” shop of books and magazines for sale is also located in the Library Lobby. The Friends also sell more valuable books on-line.

While the Friends of the Library primary focus is the Coronado Library, they also provide support in other areas. For a detailed list, see the section titled “Programs Funded by The Friends.

Correspondence can be addressed to:
Friends of the Coronado Library
P.O. Box 180172
Coronado, CA 92178-0172. or email us at info@CoronadoFOL.org